Cool facts about tortoises and turtles

Ever since my twins were born I became even more interested in looking after the environment and offering a clean legacy to them. While fishing is both my job and my long-time passion, keeping the environment clean and fresh is also of great importance for me. Probably this is why I decided to invest more time in Earth-friendly campaigns, and raise my kids with the same love and respect for Mother Nature.

And while I love all pets, looking after cats or dogs is challenging and time-consuming, so I decided to start off with something more simple – a turtle. I purchased one for my kids to see if they were responsible and mature enough to look after it themselves, without my constant interventions. In the process, I also documented more and wanted to share with you some cool and interesting facts about these animals.



What are turtles and tortoises?

There are nearly species of turtles and tortoises around the globe. The main difference between them is that turtles spend their lives in water, while tortoises live on the ground. Terrapins can also be considered turtles but they spend an equal amount of time on land and in water.

No matter what species you decide to purchase, these animals are quite easy to look after, and not so pretentious.

The perfect environment for turtles and tortoises is one with plenty of room to spare. Opt for a large aquarium or even a mini-pool with sufficient freshwater, rocks, and some dry land. The more place your turtles will have to explore, the better. They are extremely curious animals, so make sure to keep their interest alive by allowing them to discover new territories on a regular basis.


Fun facts about turtles and tortoises

Tortoises are the ones that inspired the ancient Roman military forms. The Roman legions were known for their intriguing combat techniques. They used to protect their commanders with shields from all sides and march as a compact group each time. This is why they succeeded in so many battles because they didn’t allow blank spaces between soldiers, diminishing the risk of getting hit by arrows.

Later on, the testudo formation has become popular among other reigns as well.

Another fun fact about turtles is that the lighter the shell, the warmer their origin. Tortoises live in plenty of places amongst the globe and are some of the animals that can adapt to different weather conditions the easiest. You can easily figure out the origin of your tortoise by simply looking at its shell. If it is light colored, it most definitely comes from a hot area, including parts of the Sahara Desert. On the contrary, if the shell is darker, your pet comes from a cooler place.