Important things to do when keeping aquatic turtles


I have a thing for animals ever since I was a little boy. It’s no wonder I started fishing before I was able to spell my own name. Fortunately, I was blessed with two amazing twins that share my passion for animals. At first, I was a little reluctant about giving them an animal as a pet. But after seeing what they’ve done with this cute turtle, I think I’m ready to take it to the next level.

In the meantime, I’ve thought about other animal lovers that might want to breed turtles and came with some useful tips that might cat your interest and make you want to read this article.

Now, you can’t ever handle the turtles without a proper handwash. This applies before putting your hands on them and after you’ve finished playing with the turtle. Because Salmonellosis is associated with turtles, in addition to other reptiles or poultry, you need to prevent salmonella to be transmitted to humans. One less factor is that turtles can get salmonella from your unwashed hands and pass it on to others, including you. Therefore, wash your hands before and after you’ve spent time with your beloved turtle.


Baby turtles and any kind of turtle are extremely cute. Even though we consider them pets, in reality, they shouldn’t be handles like dogs and cats. Compared to mammals or birds, turtles are not domesticated animals that have the concept of affection in their DNA. If they appear jolly and fun when they see you is because they know they are getting fed and not because they like you. Ideally, you should limit the handling and treat the turtles just like tropical fish. They are great for looking at but you’ll never get the fish out of the tank just for fun.

I’ve mentioned the fish because they have almost the same needs as turtles, especially when talking about water and water tanks. Just like you wash your clothes and get new ones that are clean, turtles need a new change of water on a regular basis. Thanks to modern discoveries, there are several systems that provide mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration, all in one. I suggest you invest in a good water filter to make sure the turtles are happy and healthy inside the aquarium.

Depending on the turtle specie, you need to make sure you provide similar conditions to their natural habitat. For instance, box turtles need an aquarium that comes with a water dish for soaking, while cooters and sliders would die in a habitat like this. So you need to do your research and learn about their needs and whether the specie you own comes with certain requirements.

You should consider aspects such as basking time, type of tank, food, and so on. It is preferable to do your homework before you bring the turtle home so you have time to make purchases.