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This so called wife sharing differs from a cuckold relationship, where the husband or partner is comfortable being in a more submissive role and sometimes even get denied from any type of sex. Some of these men also refer them as my wifey, but that is not very common.

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"You doubted my loyalty?" "Never, honey.

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Or maybe he just chose to ignore me. "Over the next two years, I hooked up with girls from those meetings.

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A deep moan echoed in my chest when he pulled out a rectangular, black box I kept in there amongst the variety of blankets.

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Silently, I begged him to please touch me like I needed. He'd known for months now just what to do when I was unable to speak my desires for whatever reason.

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Though not as tall as a large shoebox, it was the same width and length. Discreet but still plenty of room for.

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I didn't understand why he'd kept it a secret for so long.

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If anything, his moves were rougher.

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My voice was scratchy when I finally felt I could speak.

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