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Mago knew and cleared his throat before I let my fantasy become reality right here in the embassy foyer. Poe didn't watch me, he observed me, as if I were an animal in a cage.

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Chris surprised me with his parents' plan to fly us both out west for the week to spend the holiday with them. They had moved closer to one of his sisters last winter, and everyone was gathering in Arizona this year.

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His fingers twisted tighter in my hair. He even seemed to scoot down further, moving toward me.

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That maybe I was a long-lost son.

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People actually got up at quarter-to-four on Black Friday.

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" He cupped my cheeks in his palms and brushed his thumbs under my eyes. "I just wish you'd talked to me about it first so I had been prepared.

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"Hands, Holly.

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It was a bit of an oxymoron that as a Dom, I found myself willing to submit to whatever she needed to reach ultimate pleasure. And in a strange way, that itself was the power trip.

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Of course, she enjoyed it despite her doubts. There was some kooky flirting against a backdrop of lively music, and then they ended up making out while the sun rose, despite the fact that the two of them would have been smelling like a chum bucket if it had been happening in reality.

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